• Problem

    A rapidly changing regulatory landscape combined with ever-evolving compensation structures means that the challenges of managing equity compensation have never been greater. From accounting complexities and compliance issues to orchestrating the exercise and settlement process, equity compensation requires significant resources.

  • Solution

    Ranging from full administration outsourcing to help with one-time events, Certent’s flexible service options allow you to choose the level of support you need, while our dedicated equity compensation experts bring you a comprehensive set of specialized technical skills to help you with any challenge you encounter.

Real Results

Certent helped develop a process for a client who was struggling with complex EPS calculations. The new process decreased the time spent working on these calculations from a full day to just seconds, and the client was able to provide these calculations to the auditors with confidence.

Through outsourcing with Certent, the controller at a large private company was able to focus his attention on strategy and operations. Certent reduced his time spent on equity administration from six hours per day to six hours per month.

Certent Professional Services helped a publicly-traded operator of casinos and racetracks with a complicated spin-off transaction. Certent worked with the client over weeks to plan, test and implement a solution for a successful outcome.

Certent Advantages

Professional Services

Written analysis and consultative support on a variety of tax, accounting and financial reporting issues, including:

  • Corporate income tax (Internal Revenue Code sections 83, 162(m), 280G, and 409A)
  • Individual income tax payroll and withholding taxes
  • Tax reporting and penalties
  • Financial reporting (ASC 718, 740, 260 and 805; IFRS 2)
  • Consultative support for accounting and auditing
  • Support for IPOs and other corporate actions

Administration Services

Full outsourcingoutsourcing-options

  • Award processing
  • Online Participant Communications
  • Administrative Reporting
  • Transfer Agent and Broker Interface
  • Other Recordkeeping Administration Tasks

Partial outsourcing

  • Grants and releases
  • Corporate Actions
  • Custom Reporting
  • Valuation of options and awards granted
  • Other Periodic Events

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