• Problem

    Managing an ESPP carries significant administrative and accounting burdens. Tracking participant eligibility and enrollment, making proper payroll deductions and election changes, and tracking dispositions are all crucial elements for successful ESPP plans.

  • Solution

    Certent ESPP management automates all of your administrative and reporting functions. The Certent platform streamlines communications between payroll, brokers and participants while the participant portal encourages self-service.

Real Results

Certent ESPP management enables participants to enroll, review plan documents and make payroll election changes. Compliance is built in and reflected throughout the platform.

Certent’s ESPP functionality has drastically improved eligibility and purchase tracking processes, as well as automated payroll integration to ensure tax compliance.

Equity plan administrators benefit from a 40 – 50% reduction in time spent managing ESPP programs with Certent.

Certent Advantages

Purchase-Period-DetailRobust Functionality

  • Supports 11 types of dispositions and systematically tracks disqualifying dispositions
  • Tracks eligibility, purchases, annual contributions and payroll elections
  • Ensures regulatory compliance with the $25,000 limit
  • Coordinates with payroll for proper tax reporting
  • Calculates deferred tax, expense and common equivalents

Participant Empowerment

  • Participant portal allows employees to handle their enrollment and elections
  • Administrators can communicate any relevant messaging to participants
  • Saves time with the ability to roll forward enrollments to the next offering period
  • Carries forward residual contributions to the next offering period with a full audit trail

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