• Problem

    While equity compensation reporting has gotten more complex, errors are increasingly less tolerable. Regulatory requirements are consistently being re-evaluated and updated by governing bodies. Accuracy, speed, rigor, and customization – you always need more.

  • Solution

    Certent Equity Compensation Reporting streamlines and simplifies complex stock plan accounting and financial reporting, helping you meet all your SEC and proxy reporting requirements with greater confidence. Our solutions increase accuracy, save time and automate manual processes.

Real Results

The global compensation manager of an international furnishings store reduced the time spent to produce three key quarterly reports from 12 hours down to just 40 minutes with Certent. Instead of spending ten days writing the annual proxy, she now does it in half the time.

Certent’s Equity Compensation Reporting helped the director of financial reporting at the top motorsports operator in the U.S. drastically reduce the time spent on generating monthly and quarterly equity financial reports from one and one-half days down to ten minutes.

Finance professionals report a 75-85% reduction in time required for equity accounting reports per close and a 65-75% reduction in time spent per accounting modification with Certent – as well as cutting audit prep time in half.

Certent Advantages

Peer-Group-VolatilityRobust functionality

  • Complete SEC, FASB, and IFRS calculations and reporting
  • Support for more than 15 award types
  • Extensive forecasting and modeling capabilities
  • Full implementation support complete with accounting reconciliation
  • Detailed audit trail


  • Greater data visibility with interactive, customizable reporting
  • Direct interface with your choice of broker
  • Quick data retrieval through filtering and sorting

Streamlined Processes

  • Automated integration with any equity administration system
  • Scheduled or on-demand report delivery for faster closes
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and improve accuracy
  • Full or partial outsourcing options allow you to offload resource-draining tasks

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