• Problem

    Equity plan management is always evolving. More complicated award types, larger participant pools and increasing employee mobility leads to more paperwork and complexities. Deadlines run the process, and being timely is vital to the success of the equity plan for the company and your participants.

  • Solution

    Certent Equity Compensation Management simplifies and streamlines all the crucial aspects of your stock administration process. Certent improves productivity and tightens compliance with innovative software and a dedicated team of industry experts.

Real Results

By using the Certent solution to automate the equity grant process, the compensation manager at a multi-billion dollar retail giant gained back over 350 hours per year.

The manager of stock plans and shareholder services at a publicly-traded energy company reduced the time it takes to generate quarterly reports from several days to just a half a day and year-end reports from one week down to one day by automating administrative activities with Certent.

Stock plan administrators indicate that Certent helps them generate administrative reports 75 – 85% faster and cuts the time it takes to collect grant acceptances by 80-90%.

Certent Advantages

Section-16-Form-DetailRobust Functionality

  • Complete SEC, FASB, and IFRS calculations and reporting
  • Over 400 reports supporting 15 award types
  • Mobility tracking with time- and date-stamped audit trails
  • Extensive forecasting and modeling capabilities
  • Full implementation support with accounting reconciliation

Greater Flexibility

  • Ability to easily make grant modifications
  • Pre-integrated, pre-certified connections with a choice of brokers
  • Rapid data retrieval through filtering, sorting and interactive reporting
  • Automated integration with other business applications, such as HRIS and payroll systems

Streamlined Processes

  • Scheduled or on-demand report delivery for faster closes
  • Online participant communications and transactions; electronic grant communications and participant notifications
  • Automated administrative alerts to ensure completion of time bound tasks
  • Cloud-based platform for faster deployment and zero maintenance
  • Full or partial outsourcing available for your administrative tasks

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