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  • My favorite feature of the Certent platform would be the reports. Being able to pull up a report when requested by HR or finance and handing that off and knowing that it’s accurate. The biggest benefits we’ve gotten would be accuracy and time management – and also support. Certent has helped our department by making us a very valid and accurate resource for HR, the accounting department, finance department and auditors.

    Lorna Gunderman
    Manager of Stock Plan and Shareholder Services, Black Hills Corporation
  • Certent gave us back control of our document and instantly became a part of our team. Our IT department was impressed with the Certent’s capabilities. We had their buy-in early and this gave us a lot of confidence and Certent delivered. 20 days after signing with Certent our 10Q was successfully filed. It was impressive. We knew they worked with a lot of banks and their expertise made it happen.

    John Helmsdoerfer
    CFO, Central Federal Bank Corporation
  • One of the factors, in deciding to go to Certent was the fact that we were familiar with the platform, the Microsoft products. Those are what we use day in, day out. With XBRL, something that took a day, now takes 5-10 minutes. We’ve increased efficiency, so we’ve saved time. We have gained a little bit more control for the XBRL reporting requirement. Since Certent we have had clean filings. My favorite thing about working with Certent is just the people. They’re passionate about what they do and I love that. I’ve found a group that I can identify with that really takes ownership of the knowing the numbers, knowing their subject matter and that is important to me because I take my job very seriously.

    Monica Banuelos
    Director of Finance, Resources Global Professionals
  • The biggest benefits we’ve gotten out of Certent really have to do with automation. I would also say the accuracy of the administration through the grant process and the financial reporting aspect has really given us a lot more access to information that we didn’t have with our other solution. The system has freed me up to be more strategic and ask bigger questions of our equity plans. As in, are they effective, are they rewarding the right behaviors and do we have the right balance of vehicles in the plan?

    Terry Tansill
    Director of Total Rewards, Rent-a-Center
  • Everything that Certent offered was ideal for us. The ability to have multiple users in the software at one time. It allows us to have multiple levels of review. Every support person I’ve worked with has been extremely helpful, extremely timely in providing feedback. From day one with Certent, we’ve felt like the support was there, the desire to really help their customers is there. The Certent team is just a very, very supportive customer-friendly team that looks out for your best interests.

    Brynn Barsony
    VP, Assistant Controller, Unity Bank
  • The Certent platform allowed our accounting team to save time in accounting calculations, improve the integrity of the equity plan data, and satisfy employee communication needs in a more streamlined fashion. Best of all, we are well-positioned, in the scenario of another tender offer or IPO, to select and integrate with our preferred broker and transfer agent.

    Nancy Boling
    Director of Accounting, U.S. Controller, SurveyMonkey
  • We were bogged down with too many pencils down requests from our printer. They were driving the process and making things more difficult. We knew we had to make a change. Certent allowed us to create our XBRL, work collaboratively in a single document, and file directly with the SEC all within one product. Our quarter-end filing process was not only efficient, but we knew our document was accurate. I no longer had to worry about the quality of our data. I knew our source data was accurate and could be updated quickly within Certent.

    Crystal Bringuier
    Controller, Sussex Bank
  • One of the biggest benefits we received converting to Certent was with our auditors. We were able to provide them with access to run and validate all the calculations themselves and it saved us from having to explain things. The disclosure reporting is great and captures everything you need to go into disclosures on your SEC filings. That saved us an enormous amount of time. The company has really delivered a product that has flexibility to grow with your business, and as your business changes over time and your needs and requirements change, the system will be able to work that way for you.

    Carolyn Pries
    VP Corporate Accounting, Penn National Gaming
  • We really like the on-line grant approval process, as it provides a complete record of date and time the grants were accepted and keeps electronic copies of the signatures on file. In addition, we no longer need the paper approvals which used to take up filing space and required more time to track down and get back from the participants.

    Janet Holbrook
    Supervisor, Legal & Equity Services, Pier 1 Imports
  • One of the reasons I like Certent is because of the fact that it sits on a user-friendly platform that everybody knows how to use. I can use my daily Microsoft Excel documents and easily transfer them into Microsoft Word rather than having to type into the document itself. Last minute changes for us, that’s the most important part of my job. We always have a response from Certent, we always have an update. Certent has never held us back from a filing period and that’s been on some pretty tight deadlines. Certent is always there in the last minute when we need to file. I can always get ahold of somebody. XBRL is a very complicated process and the support teams at Certent make that process a ton easier.

    Brendon Pleskow
    External Reporting Manager, Crocs
  • Certent is definitely easy to use and provided a significant amount of efficiencies. Prior to using Certent, I only had experience reviewing XBRL. Without much of a learning curve, I am now doing the XBRL tagging myself. The customer service at Certent is also exceptional. I am very happy to have chosen Certent for our filing needs. I would definitely recommend Certent.

    Bobby Rezaee
    SEC Reporting Manager, Southwest Bancorp

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